Lebanon reacts sharply to EU’s decision on Syrian refugees

The Lebanese Officials have expressed displeasure with the European Parliament’s decision to approve the resolution supporting the retention of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Lebanese Government has criticized the decision, describing it as a violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and interference in the country’s internal affairs.

The European Parliament aims to pressure Lebanon to refrain from sending a senior delegation of the Council of Ministers to Syria to provide a mechanism for the return of Syrian refugees to their country, said Essam Sharafuddin, the Minister of Immigration and Refugee Affairs of the interim government of Lebanon.

“Jabran Bassil”, head of the Lebanese National Free Movement, also showed a strong reaction to the decision of the European Parliament.

“What right do the Europeans have to comment on the retention of Syrian refugees in Lebanon?”, he declared, adding that this matter belongs to the Lebanese and is a sovereign issue for the country.

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