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Kazan Museum in Republic of Tatarstan exhibits Holy Quran requiring magnifying glass to read

The famous Kazan Museum in Tatarstan, a republic in the east-central part of European Russia, embraces an extensive historical collection of handwritten manuscripts and Holy Qurans.

One of its most distinguished exhibits is an exquisitely written Quran, so finely crafted that it requires a magnifying glass to be read. This extraordinary piece adds a unique dimension to the museum’s appeal, drawing visitors from around the world.

The museum’s collection is further enriched by valuable archaeological pieces from the private collection of renowned archaeologist and historian Andrei Likhachev.

Additionally, it features a unique ethnographic collection, ancient coins, priceless printed books, and literary works from the archives of prominent figures in Tatar culture.

Visitors can explore over 70 memorial sites dating back to the 18th and early 20th centuries, each embodying the historical spirit of Kazan. The museum also includes a section on natural history and animal discoveries, models depicting family life in Tatarstan, the first “Hantour” taxi, landline telephones, military transport vehicles, and gliders.

The Kazan Museum serves as a window into the rich and complex heritage of the Tatars, blending Islamic culture with local history. It offers an educational and cultural experience that is both unique and enlightening, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the vibrant history of Tatarstan.

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