WHO warns against outbreak of epidemics in Sudan

The World Health Organization warned against the spread of infectious diseases in Sudan amid worsening humanitarian situation in Sudan on the wake of the civil war.
This organization has warned that one third of hospitals and health centers in conflict areas are not in operation.

The head of the World Health Organization expressed concern about the health situation in Sudan, and said: 67% of hospitals in the areas affected by the conflict are closed, and 2.6 million of the 11 million people who need health care are women of reproductive age.

Tedros Adhanom stated that the health organization has recorded 46 attacks on health centers in Sudan since the beginning of the conflicts, and expressed his concern about the consequences of lack of access to clean water and the approaching rainy season.

According to Adhanom, the war prevents early detection of any outbreaks such as typhoid, malaria and dengue fever that occur under these conditions.

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