Scottish MP proposes motion in UK parliament condemning arrest of Bahraini Shia Cleric

Scottish MP, Kenny MacAskill, proposed on Wednesday a motion in the UK Parliament condemning the Bahraini government arrest of Shia prominent cleric Mohammad Sanqour.

The MP said in the motion that, “This house strongly condemns the arrest of leading Shia Cleric Mohammad Sanqour, after he called on authorities to declare the fate of death row inmates following allegations they were assaulted and called for the release of political prisoners during Friday prayers; regrets that this arrest represents a clear violation of freedom of speech and freedom of religious practice.”

It continued that, “The house expresses concern at this escalation in repression by the government of Bahrain; notes the spread of protests across the country following the arrest and urges the UK government to make representations to Bahrain to guarantee freedom of assembly; calls for the immediate release of Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour and for all charges against him to be dropped.”

The Scottish MP also urged, “the UK government to call on the government of Bahrain to end its systematic persecution of the majority population,” the motion read.”

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