Saudi: At least 9 minors may face execution as authorities escalates its procedures on minor detainees

Saudi authorities have recently escalated its procedures against minor detainees, completely ignoring all the promises made regarding the death penalty against minors.

In a report by the European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights, it confirmed that since the publication of “the Saudi Human Rights Commission a royal decree stipulating the implementation of the Juvenile Law issued in 2018, which prohibits the execution of death sentences against minors in Ta’zir-related cases,” the European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights monitored violations, including the execution of Mustafa Al-Darwish.

Recently, the Specialized Court of Appeal upheld a number of death sentences against minors, which raises serious concerns for their lives.

According to the organization, at least 9 people threatened with death are facing charges, including what happened when they were under the age of 18, in light of information indicating that the number of threatened minors may be much higher, with the absence of any role for civil society.

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