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Moroccan authorities to hand Shia activist, Hassan Al-Rabea, to Saudi authorities

The Moroccan authorities arrested the Saudi activist Hassan Al-Rabea, prompted by the Saudi authorities, who accused Al-Rabiea family of being involved in the popular protests that took place in Saudi Arabia during the years (2011-2017), while human rights organizations expressed their fears over the case, while subjecting the Al-Rabiea family to torture and execution.

The Shia”activist was arrested, last Saturday, at Markaz Al-Manara Airport, when he was on his way to Turkey, based on an international arrest warrant issued by the Saudi authorities.

While his brother Ahmed Al-Rabea said: “His two brothers, Munir and Nadir, are already wanted by the Saudi authorities for political reasons, but he confirmed that, “his brother Hassan has nothing to do with this,” considering that “the arrest warrant issued against him aims to pressure his two brothers to surrender themselves,” and confirmed that “his brother entered Morocco last year legally without being arrested.”

For his part, the head of the European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights, Ali Al-Dubaisi, said: “The activist Al-Rabea was legally residing in Morocco, and at that time he was preparing to travel to a European country, and when the matter was not completed, he decided to go to Turkey, and on the morning of January 14, 2023 he was arrested.”

He was able to contact his family and said that he will be deported within (48 hours). Al-Dubaisi confirmed that a protest was organized in front of the Moroccan embassy in Berlin “to demand the Moroccan authorities not to deport him for fear of his safety and life.”

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