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Free Muslim on International Women’s Day: Millions of women are under compelling circumstances

The International Non-violence Organization, Free Muslim, has sent a message on International Women’s Day, calling for the release of all women arrested on political grounds, and for the help of abused women.
In its message received by Shia Waves, the organization said that it blesses the International Women’s Day on the eighth of March, wishing all the women of the world security, comfort and prosperity.
It added that it takes advantage of this occasion, which concerns half of the world’s population, to direct its message to all countries of the international community to work on improving the situation of women in politically, socially and security turbulent countries, as millions of women are living under compelling conditions that do not take into account their humanitarian situation or appreciate their respected human status, especially in some third world countries.
The organization called for the release of all women detained on political grounds, assistance for the abused women, and redress for those whose rights were violated under illegal pretexts.

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