Shias of Lucknow upset with the ruling Hindu party and want to keep it out of power in the current elections

The Economic News said that a large part of Shia Muslims in the Indian city of Lucknow are distancing themselves from the Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party and not voting for them in the current elections, after the ruling party’s crimes against Muslims and deliberate discrimination and neglect towards the Shia community.
The newspaper explained in a report that was followed by Shia Waves, that “Lucknow is the center of Shias, and they viewed the current ruling party with some reverence because of the role of the former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament, Atal Behari, in resolving disputes, as well as allowing the Husseini processions to go out, but this thing changed a lot lately.”
The report continued, “Shia Muslims today refuse to vote for this party because of its discriminatory policies and forbidding the establishment of religious rites for them,” noting that “the ruling party banned rites during the month of Muharram for two consecutive years, and the Shias are greatly disturbed by these restrictions placed on their ceremonies, with the exception of other festivals like Holi and Diwali.”

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