The Washington Post: Islamophobic Zemmour should not blind us to Macron’s problematic policies on Muslims

The Washington Post said that the far right in France is a threat, but we must not ignore the problematic policies of Emmanuel Macron, adding that the far right has never been as strong in presidential campaigns as today, something that should scare everyone who cares about the future of rights and equality in France.
An article by journalist Ruqayya Diallo stated that this should not depend on the ways in which the government’s intrusive policies have targeted Islam.
According to the latest poll, far-right candidates are expected to receive 30% of the vote in the first round of the elections, and for the first time, two right-wing candidates will have the opportunity to participate in a second round in the April elections.
His anti-Muslim rhetoric was attractive to a number of French voters, especially with his declaration of his party, which bears the war name “Restoration.” Zemmour, who was convicted several times for inciting hate speech, expanded the area of hate during his campaign as he falsified history and presented a distorted account of France’s role during the Holocaust.
Even the other far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally, distanced herself from Zemmour, saying she was concerned about her campaign being ridiculed for his too-radical comments.
Diallo sees the rhetoric from both candidates as a cause for concern, but in the process no one seems interested in the government’s approach to Islam.

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