On the International Migrants Day, International Non-violence calls for addressing the drivers of migration

The International Nonviolence Organization, Free Muslim, called on the International Migrants Day to address the drivers of migration and to secure appropriate standards that protect human rights and the equitable distribution of wealth.
In a statement received by Shia Waves, the organization said, “The international community commemorates the International Day of Migrants, on the eighteenth of December, amid a great growth of this tragic phenomenon and its painful repercussions that are visible, as thousands of civilians, women, children and men suffer from the harshness of migration, in the hope of access to a safe haven that protects them from wars, violence, extremism, deprivation and human rights violations in their countries of origin, and they risk their safety to escape from their ominous reality.”
It added, “while many countries have opened their doors to receive some crowds, large numbers are still seeking to migrate.”
The organization said that, as it participates in the revival of this global occasion, it strongly demands that major countries and international political systems seek to find solutions and remedies for immigration countries by contributing to reforming their political, security and economic situation and pushing towards securing appropriate standards that protect human rights and the equitable distribution of wealth, in addition to the need to research in international laws and their revision according to the required need, especially with regard to climate affairs and material assistance to developing countries, in addition to taking a serious action to stop the negative interventions fueling armed conflicts, wars and other serious violations.

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