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Imam Shirazi World Foundation: The Prophet’s birth anniversary is a reason for all Muslims to show compassion and tolerance

The Imam Shirazi World Foundation called on Islamic governments to seize the occasion of the Prophet’s birth anniversary to release detainees on intellectual backgrounds or issues of publication and expression.
The Foundation stated in a statement, received by Shia Waves, that it “congratulates the Islamic world on the birth anniversary of the Prophet of Mercy Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny, calling on all Muslims to revive his Sunnah and spread his Sharia and work to spread his message as it came to save humanity from all its tragedies.”
It added, “The auspicious occasion is a reason for all Muslims to show compassion, tolerance, self-review, and search for the ways established by the Islamic religion and the honorable Sunnah in the hope of change for the better,” calling on the importance of contemplation and reflection on this occasion.
The Foundation stressed that, with great regret, some Muslims have missed the most important traits that were characterized by the Messenger of Mercy, peace be upon him and his progeny, which are tolerance, rejection of racism, spreading love and accepting differences without fanaticism, extremism or hatred.

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