Indonesia issues “halal” permits for all small and medium-sized businesses

As part of developing the halal industry, the Indonesian government has announced its decision to issue “halal” permits for all small and medium-sized businesses.

Indonesia has initiated a project to grant all Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) a “halal” certificate by October 2024. The initiative aims to support and enhance the country’s economy while portraying Indonesia as a global center for the “halal” mark.

A halal certificate is a label indicating that the quality of many goods, including food and beverages, complies with Islamic Sharia law in their production. It is an important certification in countries with a Muslim majority like Indonesia.

This certificate covers a wide range of products, including food, beverages, raw materials, food additives, halal slaughter, and its purpose is not only to provide services to the local market but also to introduce Indonesian products to the global halal market.

Law No. 33 issued by the Indonesian government in 2014 ensures the quality of “halal” products and makes the “halal” mark mandatory for many products.

Indonesia aims to gain customer trust by expanding the halal mark within the country. The project is part of reaffirming the Indonesian government’s commitment to its cultural and religious values and its determination to gain a significant position in global markets.

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