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Amnesty International calls on the Bahraini regime to release a Bahraini dissident

Amnesty International has called on the Bahraini authorities to release the Bahraini academic Dr. Abduljalil al-Singace.
The organization said in a tweet, “Today, al-Singace completes 65 days of hunger strike and has so far lost 20 kg, his blood pressure and white blood cell count have decreased, and he suffers from muscle spasms. We demand his release unconditionally.”
For his part, prominent Bahraini dissident Dr. Saeed al-Shihabi tweeted, expressing his concern over al-Singace’s life saying, “Concern hangs over honorable Bahrainis for fear of harm to Dr. Abduljalil al-Singace, who spent more than ten years behind bars fighting in the name of the people and for their rights.”
Al-Singace has been in a health center since last July due to the seriousness of his health condition, which requires constant monitoring due to the hunger strike.

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