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Wooden frame of the grille of Lady Zainab Holy Shrine completed

The Department of Manufacturing Grilles and Doors of Holy Shrines at al-Abbas Holy Shrine has completed the wooden structure of the grille of Lady Zainab Holy Shrine, as work continues on the manufacture of the grille’s metal parts, which will be installed in the coming weeks.
Head of the Department, Nadhim al-Ghurabi, said, ” One of the important stages in the process of grille manufacturing is the wooden structure, which is the starting point for fixing each metal piece that follows. The technicians at the Carpentry Division are working exquisitely and with all professionalism, using materials of high quality and efficiency such as Burmese wood, according to the planned design.”
The wooden structure is 3.7 meters long, 4.69 meters wide, and 4.04 meters tall.

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