Free Muslim urges the United Nations to play a role in stopping the ongoing wars

On the International Day of Victims of the Second World War, the International Nonviolence Organization, Free Muslim, urged the United Nations to assume its responsibilities in stopping the ongoing wars.
The organization stated in its message, “The international community revives an occasion for the victims of the largest war in modern history, which is the Second World War that left millions of civilian and military victims, including children and women, as well as huge losses in the economies of major and developing countries.”
It added, “As the eighth and ninth days of May of each year are decided to remember the victims of the Second World War, many social events are organized that immortalize the lives of the victims who fell as a result of that global catastrophe.”
The organization called on the major countries to take into account the repercussions of this black stain in the history of humanity, and to work to prevent the outbreak of armed conflicts or to get involved in new wars that result in costly suffering, stressing the need for the United Nations to assume the responsibilities for which it was established aimed at limiting political and military conflicts and playing the supposed role in stopping the ongoing wars.

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