Sources say terrorists have targeted Nigerian Shias with “government support”

Nigerian sources report that the government has placed elements of the Boko Haram terrorist movement among the Nigerian army, whose mission is to eliminate the Shia presence in the country.
The Nigerian sources and a number of civil activists said, “The government tolerates the crimes of terrorist movements against the Shia sect in the country. Rather, it gives permission to kill Shia Muslims who are followers of the Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them.”
They added that “elements of the Boko Haram terrorist movement have recently been placed between members of the Nigerian army, under complete cover by the dictatorial government, with the aim of killing and exterminating Shia Muslims.”
The sources pointed out that “the government invokes the pretext of killing Shias at the hands of terrorists, but basically it gives full legitimacy to targeting this important religious denomination.”

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