Shia Rights Watch: Concerns against violations in Azerbaijan

Shia Rights Watch is deeply concerned by the escalation of hostility in southwestern part of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The NGO shares the pain and sorrow that the international committees feel as the result of increasing causality of both civilians and forces.
This unrest has cost civilian lives and infrastructure in addition to harming ancient historical sites. Innocent people are either dying or fleeing from their homes as the result of the unfortunate situation in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
S.R.W calls on leaders of the world to encourage, enforce and adopt peaceful resolution to insure safety of people. This NGO pressures the leaders to implement UN Security Council resolutions that protect the dignity of people and their rights to life, and safety.
S.R.W invites all parties to work together to protect displaced people and return all the victims to their homes using nonviolent and peaceful resolutions with the goal of ending the unrest immediately.

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