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Scientists discover nutrient biomarker patterns linked to cognitive performance, brain health

Researchers from the University of Illinois and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln analyzed brain scans and nutritional intake data from 100 volunteers aged 65 to 75 to explore the relationship between specific diets and slower brain aging, Science Alert journal reported.

They identified two distinct patterns of brain aging, finding that the slower aging was linked to a nutrient intake comparable to the Mediterranean diet, which previous studies have highlighted as highly beneficial for our bodies.

The researchers did not depend on the participants to self-report their diets. Instead, they analyzed blood samples to identify nutrient biomarkers, providing solid scientific evidence of what these elderly individuals were consuming.

According to the study, beneficial biomarkers identified included fatty acids from fish and olive oil, antioxidants like vitamin E found in spinach and almonds, and carotenoids, plant pigments in carrots and pumpkin known to reduce inflammation and protect cells from damage.

The researchers evaluated brain aging using MRI brain scans and cognitive assessments. This combination provided a comprehensive view of practical mental agility along with detailed insights into neuron configuration.

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