Britain concerned about the cremation of Corona victims in Sri Lanka

The British Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Sarah Holton, said that her country has expressed its concerns about the cremation of Muslim corona victims in Sri Lanka.
“Britain has raised its human rights concerns with the Sri Lankan government, including the cremation of coronavirus victims,” Holton wrote on Twitter.
International organizations and experts criticized Sri Lanka’s decision to cremate the bodies of Muslims who died as a result of infection with the Coronavirus, saying it was inconsistent with civil and political rights.
The World Health Organization, the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Center for Disease Control and the Scientific Council of the Turkish Ministry of Health stated that there is no harm in terms of health and science from burying the bodies of the dead infected with Corona.
However, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health said that the country will continue to cremate all coronavirus victims.
The Sri Lankan Ministry of Health had announced in last March that the bodies of those who died as a result of the coronavirus will be cremated in crematoria regardless of their religion, saying that their burial “could spread the virus in the environment.”

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