In less than 10 days, Saudi authorities execute another political detainee from Qatif

The Saudi regime announced last Tuesday, May 21, 2024, the execution of the political detainee “Mohammed Al-Jawhar” from the Qatif region, media outlets reported.

Media sources reported that the detainee “Al-Jawhar” was executed after being charged with terrorism-related offenses, including accusations of joining a terrorist organization and participating in terrorist acts targeting security forces and police stations.

This execution comes less than 10 days after another detainee from Qatif, the young man “Hassan bin Hamad Al-Nasser,” was executed, bringing the total number of executions carried out by the Saudi authorities since the beginning of 2024 to 70.

According to sources, the statement from the Saudi Ministry of Interior did not specify the type of sentence, but it is likely to be one of the punitive sentences that the regime imposes, including the death penalty.

In this context, the European Saudi Organization for Human Rights indicates that there are reports suggesting that the Saudi regime is preparing to carry out more executions, despite its claims of reducing the use of the death penalty, raising concerns about escalating repression and executions in the country.

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