Afghanistan: Muslims demand Taliban to remove ban on entry of Jafari jurisprudence books

Followers of the Shia faith in Afghanistan have criticized Taliban’s ban on the entry of Jafari jurisprudence books into the country and the collection of such books from state and private university libraries.

According to them, access to religious information is the right of every citizen, and the Taliban’s restrictions on the entry of Jafari jurisprudence books into the country and the prohibition of teaching the jurisprudence of this faith in universities disrespect religious freedom. 

Shia scholars interpret citizens’ criticisms of the Taliban’s discriminatory actions as valid and express hope that the Taliban will bring about changes in their domestic policies and respect all religions.

Residents of Dasht-e Barchi area of Kabul told media outlets that, “With their biased beliefs, the Taliban exert pressure on the Hazara and Shia communities in every possible way. Prohibiting the teaching of Jafari jurisprudence in state and private universities is oppression and disrespect for people’s religious freedom.”

One of the directors of Shia complexes in Kabul also told local media that, “The circulation of information, whether religious or non-religious, should be free among people, and readers should have access to it. Religious books should not be suppressed; people should read, see, and ultimately, the reader will decide to choose among diverse information.”

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