Mayor of London says some people returned to extremism because of hostile political rhetoric

The UK-based Tell MAMA organization reported a 335% increase in Islamophobic incidents in the United Kingdom, causing great concern in the country.

The American newspaper NPR has published a report on this alarming increase in attacks and threats directed against Muslims in Britain.

According to NPR’s report, assassination policies are now appearing as individual cases in the country, raising concerns among British Muslims. British Muslim officials have pointed to an increase in violations and death threats they have recently received.

In this context, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said, “We must realize that previous killings should serve as a warning to political leaders about provocative rhetoric.” He added, “Politicians must understand that some people have turned to extremism because of hostile political rhetoric.”

It is worth noting that these developments come amidst the escalation of hostile rhetoric against Muslims in Britain and many other countries, requiring swift action by authorities to curb this dangerous phenomenon and protect the rights of all citizens regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or cultural background.

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