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Exposure to new technologies in workplace can be bad for people’s quality of life, study finds

Researchers at the Institute for the Future of Work have discovered that the use of new technologies like trackers, robots, and AI-based software in the workplace negatively impacts people’s quality of life.

Through a study involving over 6,000 participants, they examined the effects of four different technology categories on wellbeing.

The results showed that increased exposure to AI-based software, surveillance devices, and robotics was associated with poorer health and wellbeing among workers.

In contrast, the use of traditional information and communication technologies like laptops and instant messaging had a more positive impact on wellbeing.

Although the researchers did not delve into the specific reasons behind their results, they highlighted that their discoveries aligned with prior studies indicating that these technologies could worsen job insecurity, increase workloads, lead to routine tasks, diminish the meaningfulness of work, reduce empowerment and autonomy, all of which contribute to a decline in overall employee wellbeing.

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