German parliament approves funding for memorial of Yazidi genocide victims in Germany

A specialized budget committee of the German parliament has approved allocating 3 million euros for the construction of a memorial dedicated to the Yazidi genocide in Germany.

The German parliament approved funding for the memorial project for the Yazidi genocide in Germany after officially recognizing the crimes committed by ISIS against the Yazidi community in early June 2022.

The parliament considers that the Yazidis who were subjected to a campaign of genocide in Iraq and Syria deserve a place of remembrance. The project is expected to be included in the budget for 2024.

The budget committee of the Bundestag calls on the Yazidis to agree among themselves on “choosing a German city and a location for the memorial.”

Many Yazidi associations, houses, and individuals in Germany have discussed how to implement the project and who will manage it. So far, no official agreement or work plan has been reached, along with other details related to the project.

It is worth mentioning that in 2014, ISIS attacked Yazidi villages and communities near Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq, where ISIS militants enslaved Yazidi women and girls, recruited children as child soldiers, and killed thousands of men in mass graves.

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