Dozens of Indian pilgrims head to Iraq to visit the Holy Shrines and pray for the safety of the Shias

The newspaper (Pal Pal India) said today, Thursday, that dozens of Indian pilgrims will go to visit the Holy Shrines in Iraq, in order to pray to the  Almighty God to protect Muslims, Shias and the country.

According to what was published by the newspaper, and translated by Shia Waves News Agency, “Dozens of citizens from various Indian cities prepared to leave the country, heading to visit the Holy Shrines in Kadhimiya, Samarra, Najaf and Holy Karbala.”

It added that “the pilgrims will travel by plane from Mumbai Airport to Baghdad International Airport, in the presence of a group of their families and lovers, who bid them farewell with bouquets of roses, because of the great honor they will have by visiting the Holy Shrines of the Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them).”

The newspaper explained that “the Indian travelers, including clerics, lawyers and businessmen, will pray to the Almighty Allah that security and peace prevail over Muslims and Shias and prosperity for their homeland.”

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