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Iraqi parachutist flies flag of Imam Hussein over crowds of Arbaeen pilgrims

In a video published on social media, an Iraqi parachutist flew the symbolic flag of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, over the large crowd of pilgrims moving towards the holy city of Karbala to commemorate the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

According to Shia Waves Agency, various social network pages have shared this video of the Iraqi parachutist raising a red flag bearing the phrase, “Labbayka Ya Hussain”, a symbolic answer to the call of Sayyed al-Shuhada, peace be upon him, who has asked for help from the awakened human conscience throughout history.

Many bloggers and well-known figures of the social media have written comments about this interesting action that introduces the greatness of the eternal Hosseini ideal, saying that such initiatives and sports events attract the attention of the world, especially the youth.

According to some social media activists and media analysts, it is appropriate that all devotees of Aba Abdillah, peace be upon him, use any tools available to them to introduce the personality and eternal path of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, as a means to honor the sacrifices of Sayyed al-Shuhada, his noble family and companions, as well as what he offered to all humanity by donating his precious life.

Paragliding and skydiving are types of adventurous air sport performed for competition and recreation purposes, with many interested young people around the world following the news and events related to them.

Over the past years, the holy city of Karbala has witnessed similar activities that involved raising the Hosseini flag during the commemoration of the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

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