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Millions of Shia Muslims commemorate Ashura, Tuwayrij Run in Holy Karbala

The local government of the holy city of Karbala revealed, on Saturday, that millions of the Shia lovers of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, commemorated the Ashura and the Tuwayrij Massive Run.

The first deputy governor of Holy Karbala, Jassim al-Fatlawi, said in a press statement followed by the Shia Waves Agency, that “Millions of pilgrims from all over Iraq, and hundreds of thousands from Arab and foreign countries, have come to Holy Karbala since the first day of the holy month of Muharram.”

Al-Fatlawi explained that” the number of pilgrims who commeorated Ashyar and Tuwayrij Run exceeded five millions, amid tight security procedures as there were no road closures to facilitate movement of pilgrims.”

The “Tuwayrij Run” is one of the largest human gatherings that takes place around the world, and was initiated by Mirza Saleh al-Qazwini, one of the dignitaries of Holy Karbala in the Hindia District.

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