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Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation organizes Eid-ul-Ghadir Cycling Marathon in Baghdad, Iraq

The ‘Talented Nurturing Centre’, one of the centres affiliated to the Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development, has organized a cycling marathon in Iraq’s Capital Baghdad, amid a broad participation of young men.

The event, coincided with celebrations of Greatest Eid-ul-Ghadir, was held to encourage young talented people to develop their sports skills.

The director of the foundation, Abdul Sahib al-Kishwan, said in a statement to Shia Waves Agency that “The Foundation, through its ‘Talented Nurturing Centre’ held the Ghadir Marathon for cycling to celebrate this blessed event and to encourage youn people to develop their skills.”

He elucidated that “This is the second sport activity the Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation organizes, following a football competition between Babylon’s Pioneers and Iraq’s Actors in support of its humanitarian project ‘The Charter on Protecting Iraq’s Orphans’.”

He concluded that “such activities are carried out in accordance with teachings of AhulBayet, peace be upon them, and the directives of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi to help young people develop their talents and skills.”

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