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Iran: Nationwide joyful celebrations on blessed birth of Imam Ali Al-Ridha

Amid religious chants and phrases of loyalty, large crowds of Shia believers, across the holy city of Mashhad, Iran, celebrated the blessed birth anniversary of Imam Ali Al-Ridha, peace be upon him.

The correspondent of Shia Waves Agency in Mashhad said that, “The city hosted celebrations and joyful ceremonies on this event, with large numbers of people chanting phrases of devotion and loyalty to AhlulBayet, peace be upon them.”

He confirmed that, “Other Iranian cities also organized similar ceremonies, yet in Mashhad millions of Shia Muslims revived the Imam’s birth anniversary”, noting that, “Imam Redha Holy Shrine held special programs on this event such as, religious lectures and other cultural activities.”

It should be mentioned that holy shrines in Iraq, Iran and Syria were adorned with banners and signs carrying the quotes of Imam Al-Ridha, peace be upon him.”

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