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2nd Annual Quranic Exhibition opened at University of Kufa

The 2nd Annual Quranic Exhibition was opened by the Quran Scientific Institute, affiliated to Al-Abbas Holy Shrine, at the University of Kufa as part of the Quranic project for Iraqi university and institute students for the academic year 2023-2024.

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Kufa University, will run from 18-27 February.

Muhannad Al-Mayali, the director of the institute, stated that “this year’s Quranic exhibition includes various intellectual, developmental, and Quranic activities, as well as cultural competitions that enhance the knowledge of university students.”

He added that “the exhibition also includes social and scientific platforms that provide religious and psychological consultations, answers to legal issues, correction of Quranic recitation, platforms for developing Quranic projects, a ‘Read’ platform to encourage reading, screening of a cinematic film about the scientific miracles of the Quran.”

Al-Mayali further explained that “the exhibition aims to promote Quranic culture, create a scientific and entertaining cultural atmosphere within the Quranic framework, strengthen university students, and increase their knowledge.”

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