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New York-based Imam Al-Hadi Center: Commemorating rituals of Ahlulbayt is a divine blessing

The administration of Imam Al-Hadi Center in Highland Falls, New York, has confirmed that the commemoration of the rituals of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, is one of Allah’s greatest blessings on the Shia community.

In a statement on the center’s website, followed by Shia Waves Agency, the administration mentioned, “Reviving the occasions of Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them, and the sacred Hussaini rituals are among the greatest blessings experienced by Shia Muslims throughout the year.”

The administration continued, “These blessed gatherings to present the thoughts and teachings of Ahlulbayt and to revive their rituals, are a unique privilege granted by Allah Almighty to the Shia community.”

It added, “This distinguished presence of mourners from the Shia communities in the town is credited to the establishment of the center in 1998 and its continuous efforts in holding mourning assemblies to this day.”

The administration emphasized that “the primary mission of Al-Hadi Center is to present Islam in its true form with a focus on peace for all humanity,” pointing out that “harmony among followers of different religions is a key element in the message of peace in Islam, and we will always strive to promote this message of Islam in Canberra and beyond.”

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