Muslims mark anti-racism week in Germany

Muslims in Germany have marked the week against religious racism against Muslims.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany announced June 24 - July 1, a week to combat racism being practiced against Muslims.

During the week, Muslims worked to educate German citizens about the existence of racism and discrimination.

Years ago, a Muslim of Egyptian origin by the name of Marwa al-Sherbiny, was killed before a German court, and the matter did not receive the attention of German society, and since that time, Muslims have marked the first of July as a day to combat racism against Muslims.

On the first of July, the Central Islamic Council of Germany presented the slogan "This is not a place to spread hatred" on its website as part of its efforts to educate the German citizen of discrimination and racism practiced against the Muslim individual in Germany.

The death of al-Sherbiny occurred in 2009 in the German city Dresden, where a 28-year-old German citizen, Alex W. Vins, stabbed the 32-year-old Egyptian pharmacist after he described her as a terrorist because she wore the Hijab. After 18 stab wounds in 3 minutes, she passed away.

Demonstrations were held at her funeral, in which hundreds of Egyptians and Arabs participated in front of the Municipal Council of Noia Colleen, condemning the extremism and violence against Muslims. The demonstrators demanded the German government to impose the maximum punishment on the murderer, and on November 11, 2009 the killer was sentenced to the maximum punishment in Germany, which is life imprisonment.


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