Free Muslim’s letter on International Anti-Corruption Day

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The Global Non-Violence Organization, Free Muslim, called on the United Nations International Commission to formulate effective anti-corruption laws that contribute to reducing the suffering and destruction of peoples.

In its message on the occasion of the International Day to Combat Corruption, the Organization said, "Human consciences, their heritage and heavenly and inferential norms unite to reject corruption in all its forms.”

It added, "As the international community prepares to revive the International Day Against Corruption on the ninth of December, Free Muslim expresses its absolute solidarity with the decisions of international bodies and organizations seeking to combat corruption,” stressing its eagerness to effectively address corruption in all its forms, political, economic, administrative and other aspects that afflict peoples.

The organization pointed out that the necessity of the international community working through its global institutions and national governments to confront corruption without complimenting or giving priority to factional interests at the expense of the overall human interest, as there is a lot of evidence and examples of favoring major countries to corrupt political.

The organization stressed the international body of the United Nations to draft effective laws to combat corruption, which contribute to reducing the suffering and destruction of peoples, stressing that the repercussions of this dangerous phenomenon were crystallized in a form of mass migration preceded by extreme poverty and the absence of social security.