Pakistan warns of 'genocide' in Kashmir, sees no talks with India

Pakistan FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi likens ongoing clampdown in disputed Kashmir to the genocide that took place in Rwanda and Srebrenica, the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya in Myanmar, and 2002 Gujarat pogrom.

Pakistan's foreign minister demanded on Tuesday that the UN launch an international investigation into the situation in India-administered Kashmir, warning that a "genocide" could be looming in the Muslim-majority region.

"The people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are apprehending the worst," Shah Mehmood Qureshi told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, adding, "I shudder to mention the word genocide here, but I must."

India imposed a military clampdown on Kashmir on August 5 to prevent protests as New Delhi revoked the disputed region's limited autonomy. Mobile phone networks and the internet are still cut off in all but a few pockets.

"For the last six weeks, India has transformed Occupied Jammu and Kashmir into the largest prison on this planet," Qureshi insisted.

"The forlorn, traumatized towns, mountains, plains and valleys of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir reverberate today, with the grim reminders of Rwanda, Srebrenica, the Rohingya, and the pogrom of Gujarat," he said.

The minister accused India of having arrested more than 6,000 people without due process. Many had been "shipped to jails all over India," he said, citing reports that Indian troops had "shamelessly tortured people in public."

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