Thousands attend Nottingham Muslim Cultural Festival


Thousands of people attended Nottingham’s largest Islamic festival today, which took place at the Forest Recreation Ground, Nottingham Post reported.

The British Muslim festival was organized by Karimia Institute, a Nottingham-based charity that works to support its local community.

The institute has been running the event since 2014 under the previous name ‘Nottingham Eid Festival’.

According to organizers, families and communities from all faiths and backgrounds were welcomed.

The event also aimed to promote community cohesion through live performances, funfair rides, bouncy castles, and a mini bazaar with a wide range of stall displays including cultural clothing, food, jewelry and literature.

Interestingly, Karimia Institute offered counselling, education for children and adults, organization of sporting activities and promotion of interfaith work among the local community in Nottingham.

According to recent local estimates, Nottingham has 32 mosques that serve the increasing Muslim community of this British city.

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