Muslims in North Texas protest religious violence in India


Members of the North Texas Indian Muslim community protested Sunday against recent attacks against Muslims and other religious minorities in India.

The gathering of about 200 people at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas chanted, "We are Tabrez! Justice for Tabrez!" in reaction to the June 17 fatal beating of Tabrez Ansari, which was captured on a video that has been widely circulated.

A group of men forced the 24-year-old Muslim, who was accused of burglary, to chant praises to Hindu gods before he was killed, The New York Times said. He reportedly was beaten for 12 hours before he died at a hospital.

Syed Ali, vice president of the Indian American Council, said members of the Hindu nationalist group Hindutva have lynched dozens of Muslims in the last five years.

"This is a very dangerous trend," he said. "As members of the Indian diaspora who are living in this very prosperous country we should come together to demand action from Congress."

Hindus account for nearly 80% of India’s population while Muslims account for 14%, according to the CIA World Factbook. Christians and Sikhs each make up about 2% of the population.


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