Taliban militants suffer heavy casualties in week-long operations in Zabul



The Afghan military in the South and the Ministry of Defense have confirmed that Taliban militants have suffered heavy casualties during the operations in southern Zabul province in past one week.

According to the statements released by 205th Corps of the Afghan Military and the Ministry Defense, the 2nd Brigade, 205th Hero Corps conducted clearing operations this past week in Mezan, Shah Joi, and Daichopan areas of Zabul province as part of the new security plan Operation Khalid.

The statements further added that that the operations were jointly conducted with the Afghan Police and the National Directorate of Security leaving 20 Taliban militants dead, 13 wounded while 5 IEDs were discovered and destroyed.

Recently the 205th Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Emam Nazar spoke about hopes for peace at a recent graduation for the Afghan National Army territorial force since there has been an increase of violence from the Taliban since the announcement of their spring offensive.

“I love my country and it is an honor to serve for Afghanistan. Everyone wants peace, the people want peace, the Taliban want peace and our security forces want peace,” said Nazar. “We will continue to fight and secure the people of Afghanistan as long as the Taliban continue the violence.”


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