US-led coalition says 61 Iraqi, Syrian civilians killed in its fresh strikes


The US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group claims that dozens of people have lost their lives as a result of fresh aerial attacks by the military alliance against alleged militant positions in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

The coalition said on Friday it had confirmed another 61 likely civilian deaths caused by its strikes in both conflict-ridden Arab countries.

The figure soared to 685 the number of civilians the Western contingent has acknowledged killing since the United States and some of its allies started their aerial bombardment campaign three years ago.

In July, the coalition said in a statement that it had investigated 37 reports of civilian casualties. It claimed that only 13 of the reports were credible, adding there were an estimated 61 unintentional civilian deaths.

The statement further alleged that the US-led force is looking into another 455 reports of civilian casualties caused by its artillery or airstrikes.



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