Grand Ayatollah Shirazi representative visits Shia community in Canada


Grand Ayatollah Shirazi representative, Sheikh Jalal Ma’ash, is on his annual visit to Canada within a missionary tour in the holy month of Ramadan for activating communication between the religious authority and the Shia community in the west.

His eminence met with the Shia community in Oshawa and Hamilton, and delivered speeches on the occasion of the death anniversary of Lady Khadija and the prophet’s supporter Abu Talib, peace be upon them.

Sheikh Ma’ash spoke of the injustice that Lady Khadija, peace be upon her, was exposed to, in addition to the missionary and faith positions she took alongside the holy prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny.

In his speech, he also referred tothe injustice that Abu Talib, peace be upon him, had suffered, in addition to his support and sponsorship of the Noble Prophet, peace be upon himand his progeny, and how the Prophet called that year ‘the year of sadness’on his loss of the most important pillars of Islam.



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