Mass grave found in Iraq for ISIS victims


A security source in the Iraqi police in Anbar province said, on Tuesday, that the security forces found a mass grave containing the remains of about 10 people who had been killed by ISIS terrorists.

The source said, that the security forces found, when their personnel carried out raids and searches near the Al-Masara Company building east of the city of Fallujah, a mass grave containing the remains of about 10 people from the area.

The source, who preferred not to be identified, added that the security forces, in cooperation with the specialized committees, will carry out the transfer of the bodies of the deceased to the forensic medicine department to identify their identities in preparation for their handover to their families.

The source explained that the security forces are carrying out search operations for those who have been murdered and killed by the criminal organization, explaining that the bodies show gunshot wounds and physical torture.


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