Representative of Ayatollah Shirazi discusses with Iraqi consulate in Canada about facilitating the entry visas for Arbaeen


Representative of the Supreme Religious Authority Grand Ayatollah Sadiq al-Husseini al-Shiraziand the director of Imam al-Shirazi International Center in Montreal, Sheikh Saleh Sebaweih, met with the Iraqi consul in Canada Mr. Falah Hassan.

Sheikh Sebaweih said that the meeting was based on the assertions of His Eminence, the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, concerning the importance of solving the problems of Muslims living in Western countries. The meeting discussed issues and problems related to Iraqi refugees in Canada, especially their social and family problems and the legal problems affiliated with married Iraqi women. The Iraqi consulate in Canada has agreed to write a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iraq in order to solve these problems, and pay attention to the issues of Iraqi families in particular.

"I spoke with the Iraqi Consul about the visas to enter Iraq on Arbaeen and the possibility of facilitatingthe procedures, as stressed by His Eminence Shirazi in his last lecture, especially for the Afghan brothers,” said Sebaweih. 

In turn, the Iraqi consul promised to facilitate entry visas to Iraq, stressing his readiness to cooperate with the center of the Imam Shirazi World in Canada with regards to applications for visas to enter Iraq, for all nationalities.


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