The free Muslim calls in a letter to Arab foreign ministers’ conference to put out the fires of the region


The International Non-Violence Organization, Free Muslim, called on Arab foreign ministers to put an end to fires in the region. "The Arab foreign ministers will hold their meeting in the Saudi capital of Riyadh in exceptional circumstances over the past few years, which resulted in humanitarian disasters unprecedented in recent history, which its evil reached all classes" he organization said in a statement received by Shiawaves. adding that "This matter undoubtedly casts a heavy responsibility on the Arab political regimes, without exception, in order to prevent the continuation of the suffering suffered by the Arab peoples, by adopting a number of measures that pave the way to overcome the obstacles and discard the existing political differences. " The statement further added “that many Arab countries are in urgent need of assistance, and advice to overcome internal and external issues, and problems facing them, especially with regard to development and reconstruction and the advancement of economy and politics in a reformist method that enables them to overcome the tribulations, with the ability of Arab to show the required cooperation and within Laws, customs and Islamic teachings that urge this, without negative interference in the internal affairs of those states. " The organization called on the Arab foreign ministers to include these problems in the decisions of the next conference and put them under active and serious treatment, away from all the political disputes and narrow partisan interests that prevent this.


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