Title Published Date
Vast security campaign leads to arrest of at least 8 citizens in Bahrain 20 December 2017
Bahraini regime forces detain 6 civilians with no charge: Activists 17 December 2017
International Poetry Contest run by Imam Hussein Shrine Sponsored by the Secretariat-General of Imam Hussein Shrine, an international poetry contest has been run at Imam Hussein Shrine + Photos 14 December 2017
Reporters Without Borders condemn life sentence revocation of nationality of Bahraini blogger & journalist 12 November 2017
Manama bans coverage of military court proceedings against civilians 05 November 2017
Bahrain court gives life sentence to nearly dozen dissidents 02 November 2017
Bahraini court gives jail term to activist's family 01 November 2017
Bahrain’s prisoners of conscience call on UN human rights chief to “intervene” 30 October 2017
Health of hunger strikers in Bahrain prison worsen amid cruel treatment 30 October 2017
Bahraini forces attack protesters rallying in solidarity with political detainees 26 October 2017
Bahrainis hold rally to voice solidarity with prisoners 25 October 2017
Bahraini regime officials send civilian 'cell' to military court 24 October 2017
Bahraini prison water supply cut off for days: Rights group 23 October 2017
Bahraini rights groups appeal to International community over Manama’s abuses against detainees 21 October 2017
Bahrain court sentences 4 dissidents to 15 years in prison 19 October 2017
Jailed Bahraini human rights defender continually harassed 15 October 2017
Bahraini security forces ransack homes In A’ali 12 October 2017
Bahraini security forces execute fresh raids on people 08 October 2017
Bahraini regime forces detain 3 minors with no charge or conviction 05 October 2017
Thousands of Bahrainis gather in Manama to commemorate Ashura 04 October 2017

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