Title Published Date
Detention of shia clerics who took part in commemorating Ashura occasion renewed 07 October 2018
National Institute for HR Says Force Used against Detainee Hajar Mansour Lawful 04 October 2018
Bahraini regime forces raid houses across kingdom, detain many activists 03 October 2018
Bahraini troops arrest five children in raids on village of Shia leader 02 October 2018
Bahrain nabs 15 Shia activists for allegedly trying to cause 'chaos' during Ashura 27 September 2018
Bahraini attorney general charges 169 anti-regime activists with terrorism 26 September 2018
27 citizens detained for 15 days for performing prayers on eve of 10th of Muharram in Manama 26 September 2018
Two administrators with Bahraini Shia religious body remanded in custody over Ashura march 24 September 2018
Fourth Bahraini Shiite cleric detained over Ashura 23 September 2018
Bahrain steps up crackdown on Muharram mourning rituals 19 September 2018
Bahraini authorities removing Ashura displays 15 September 2018
Bahrain arrests 5 children in besieged Shia village of Diraz 11 September 2018
Amnesty expresses solidarity with Ali Mushaima 06 September 2018
Bahrain's Medina Ali’s appeal adjourned until September 9 04 September 2018
Ali Mushaima to resume hunger strike 03 September 2018
Bahraini attorney general charges 13 anti-regime activists with terrorism 01 September 2018
Bahraini court upholds six-month jail term against high school Shia student 29 August 2018
Bahrain’s Mohammad Khatam detained again 28 August 2018
British Newspaper: Ali Mushaima Sends letter to Britain's Queen to interfere to save his father's life 27 August 2018
Bahraini detainees planning to start their own hunger strike 22 August 2018

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