Title Published Date
Kuwait sentences Shiite MP for forty one year insulting Saudi, Bahrain 24 December 2016
Bahrain authorities arrest 22 civilians within one week, including five children 21 December 2016
Free Muslim International Organization calls British PM to look into Bahraini rights file 04 December 2016
Bahraini authorities threaten to remove Husseini guesthouses 15 November 2016
Doctors protest sale of Scottish-made bombs to Saudi Arabia calling on UK government to end arms deals 17 October 2016
EU, rights groups urge Bahrain to end crackdown on dissidents 18 September 2016
Kuwaiti authorities ask Interpol to help arrest Shia MP Abdul Hameed Dashti 22 August 2016
UK police under fire for training Bahraini forces 16 August 2016
Bahraini regime arrests representative of Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani 06 August 2016
Bahraini Shiite infant denied citizenship after his father's nationality was revoked 04 August 2016
Kuwaiti Shiite MP 'Dashti' sentenced to 14 years just for criticizing Saudi, Bahrain regimes 28 July 2016
Bahraini Court Sentences 16 Defendants to 3-7 Years in Prison over Assembling in Sitra 07 July 2016
Bahrain sentences eight protestors to 15 years in prison and revokes their citizenships 20 June 2016
Bahraini Parliament Bans Religious Preachers from Joining Political Societies 24 May 2016
Bahrain regime sentences 11 protesters to life imprisonment & revokes two citizenships 03 May 2016
The ugly face of British Ethnocentrism and sectarian bias 27 April 2016
Bahrain Authorities Slammed for Continued Unlawful Practices 25 April 2016
Global Nonviolence: Bahraini regime is targeting the Shia majority excessively 25 April 2016
Human Rights Watch says stop deportations of Bahraini nationals 22 March 2016
Demonstrations condemning the attacks in Awwamiyya city 26 February 2016

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