Title Published Date
Religious figures in Bahrain condemn regime plan to convert historical mosque into a tourist attraction 13 September 2014
Hundreds of foreign teachers employed and Bahraini graduates left jobless 09 September 2014
Bahrain doctors fear arrest over treatment of protesters 07 September 2014
Bahrainis are forced to confess under torture 04 September 2014
Bahrain regime forces brutalize protesters 03 September 2014
Bahraini HRO launch a campaign for the release of blind detainee 03 September 2014
Prominent human rights defender in Bahrain to start a new hunger strike 03 September 2014
Bahraini regime forces attack anti-regime protesters 03 September 2014
600 Bahraini detainees on hunger strike to stop torture in prison 02 September 2014
Bahrain upholds 10 year jail term for Shiite journalist 02 September 2014
Bahrain- Regime's changing of demography 28 August 2014
13th annual death anniversary of Imam Shirazi, may Allah bless his soul, marked in Jinousan village in Bahrain 28 August 2014
Bahraini regime forces launch new crackdown on protests 28 August 2014
Prisoners in Bahrain continue hunger strike 26 August 2014
Bahraini protesters condemn their rulers for violating human rights 18 August 2014
Bahraini court sentences 14 Bahrain Shias to life in prison 18 August 2014
Bahrain- Jail terms for anti-regime Shia protestor 18 August 2014
ISIL flag hoisted in Bahraini mosque 02 August 2014
SRW releases its monthly report of anti-Shia violations 02 August 2014

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