Title Published Date
Bahraini regime forces attack protesters 07 January 2015
Human rights groups rap Bahrain for jailing activists 04 January 2015
Bahraini regime arrest a number of Bahrainis including women and children 03 January 2015
Bahraini award winning photographer sentenced to two-year imprisonment 05 November 2014
Bahrainis protest against Al Khalifa regime crackdown on Ashura mourning ceremonies 05 November 2014
Bahraini regime forces attack Shia mourners 03 November 2014
Bahrain court adjourns top activist’s trial 01 November 2014
Two Bahraini brothers targeted for freedom of expression 01 November 2014
Mercenaries in Bahrain backed with Saudi troops sabotage Ashura's manifestation 31 October 2014
250 children in Bahrain participate in drawing board about Imam Hussain 29 October 2014
Bahrainis call for boycotting November elections 22 October 2014
Bahrain news agency mourns IS dead terrorist 13 October 2014
Bahrainis rally on protester's death anniversary 13 October 2014
Bahrain human rights activist arrested over tweets 09 October 2014
Bahraini human rights groups condemn increase in UK arms sales to Bahrain 01 October 2014
Bahrainis demand release of political prisoners (Bahrain) 30 September 2014
14 Bahraini activists are condemned to life in prison 22 September 2014
Mass rally in Bahrain rejects royal reforms and calls for full democracy 22 September 2014
Religious figures in Bahrain condemn regime plan to convert historical mosque into a tourist attraction 13 September 2014
Hundreds of foreign teachers employed and Bahraini graduates left jobless 09 September 2014

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