Title Published Date
Bahraini protesters stage new anti-government rallies 26 December 2015
Bahrainis hold 25 peaceful protests during 1st week of December; and 13 citizens arrested 23 December 2015
Protest urges Bahraini authorities to take 'serious action' to find perpetrator of burning Shia Mosque 21 December 2015
Bahrain sentences 30 for up to 15 years over different charges 16 December 2015
Bahraini court acquits five policemen of torture charges 09 December 2015
Violations of religious freedoms on the rise in Bahrain 03 December 2015
Al Khalifa regime strips 13 Bahraini inmates of citizenship 25 November 2015
HRW slams Bahraini regime for torturing detainees 23 November 2015
Bahrain regime violating children rights 21 November 2015
Bahraini court sentences dozen to life in prison and revokes their citizenships 15 November 2015
Bahrain court jails eight men for up to 10 years 11 November 2015
Bahraini forces arrest dozens of protesters 04 November 2015
Bahraini Shia child tortured in detention and transferred to solitary confinement 29 October 2015
Bahrainis to hold rallies in support of Ayatollah Nimr 27 October 2015
Bahrainis angry at regime’s move to remove Muharram mourning banners 21 October 2015
Bahrain security forces attack Shia religious places and Bahrainis continue holding mourning ceremonies 20 October 2015
Bahrain security forces attack Shia religious places 19 October 2015
Bahraini hold’s rally against regime’s crackdown on Shia mourners 17 October 2015
Bahraini regime forces arrest 13 civilians in one week 14 October 2015
Bahraini forces insult and take down “Ashura” flags and banners 10 October 2015

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