Title Published Date
The ugly face of British Ethnocentrism and sectarian bias 27 April 2016
Bahrain Authorities Slammed for Continued Unlawful Practices 25 April 2016
Global Nonviolence: Bahraini regime is targeting the Shia majority excessively 25 April 2016
Human Rights Watch says stop deportations of Bahraini nationals 22 March 2016
Demonstrations condemning the attacks in Awwamiyya city 26 February 2016
Rights groups condemn jail term extensions for 57 inmates in Bahrain 30 January 2016
Human Rights Watch confirms further evidence of torture in Bahrain 29 January 2016
Bahraini regime jails 250 children on political grounds 21 January 2016
23 Bahraini people sentenced to 10 years in jail each 20 January 2016
International Federation for Human Rights says 10 Bahrainis face death penalty after unfair trials 16 January 2016
42 Bahraini citizens arrested within first week of January 2016 14 January 2016
Gunmen attack Shia religious place in Bahrain's Sitra 12 January 2016
Bahrain police threw tear gas at hundreds protesting Saudi execution of Sheikh al-Nimr 02 January 2016
Twenty-nine Bahrainis handed long prison terms 30 December 2015
Bahrain's Salafist leader assigned as royal court advisor 29 December 2015
Al Khalifa forces attack anti-regime demonstrators in Bahrain 27 December 2015
Bahraini protesters stage new anti-government rallies 26 December 2015
Bahrainis hold 25 peaceful protests during 1st week of December; and 13 citizens arrested 23 December 2015
Protest urges Bahraini authorities to take 'serious action' to find perpetrator of burning Shia Mosque 21 December 2015
Bahrain sentences 30 for up to 15 years over different charges 16 December 2015

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