Title Published Date
Bahrainis rap death sentences, hefty jail terms for anti-regime activists 10 April 2017
Bahraini rights organization say military judiciary permits execution in 33 cases 06 April 2017
SRW calls UN to intervene in Bahrain crisis 06 April 2017
Bahraini court sentences seven activists to seven years in prison 29 March 2017
Bahrain sentences three activists to death, slaps life terms on four 26 March 2017
BCHR records 112 peaceful protests and 62 arrests last week 23 March 2017
Bahrainis rally in protest at regime crackdown 23 March 2017
Amnesty: US must not sell arms to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain 21 March 2017
SRW: Bahraini government responsible for Muhammad Sahwan death in jail 18 March 2017
HRW: Manama regime revokes citizenship of 133 dissidents in 2016 14 March 2017
Human Rights Watch: Bahraini activist’s family targeted 08 March 2017
HRW in Joint NGO Letter: Member states should call for improvements in human rights situation in Bahrain 27 February 2017
Human Rights Watch: Bahrain proposed military trials of civilians 24 February 2017
Amnesty International fears of further violent crackdown on uprising anniversary 15 February 2017
Clashes in Bahrain amidprotests denouncing “deliberate killing” of Al Ghisra and his companions 12 February 2017
SRW condemns use of extreme violence against civilians in Bahrain 12 February 2017
Muslims stage rally outside Swedish Parliament against Bahrain executions 30 January 2017
HRW warns new unfair executions may occur in Bahrain 24 January 2017
Protests continue in Bahrain days after execution of Shia activists 23 January 2017
Bahrain Embassy staff chuck hot water at protesters 22 January 2017

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