Title Published Date
Bahraini forces assaults on Ashura manifestationsBahraini forces assaults on Ashura manifestations 19 September 2017
EU expresses deep concern over Bahrain’s deteriorating Human Rights situation 14 September 2017
Bahraini regime imposes restrictions ahead of Muharram 14 September 2017
Some 1,500 Bahraini detainees begin open-ended hunger strike 12 September 2017
Bahrain using violent tactic to repress dissidents amid West inaction: Amnesty 09 September 2017
Bahrainis rally to demand release of political prisoners 05 September 2017
Bahraini security forces attack protesters in Shia villages 31 August 2017
Bahraini security forces erect walls around besieged villages 29 August 2017
Bahrain forces attack mourning Shia inmates in Jaw prison 26 August 2017
Bahraini rights groups slam use of torture by authority against dissent 23 August 2017
Bahrain issues arrest warrant for prominent journalist 23 August 2017
Bahrain must stop discriminating against Shias: Tillerson 17 August 2017
Protests across Bahrain prior to Independence Day 15 August 2017
Bahrain’s National Security Summons around 40 Activists 10 August 2017
Bahraini government closes Diraz main entrance 05 August 2017
Bahrainis rally to remember crackdown martyrs 30 July 2017
Fresh fears over extent of UK links to Bahrain 'torture prisons' 24 July 2017
Bahraini inmates seeking medical attention punished with torture, solitary confinement 23 July 2017
U.N. calls on Bahrain to release Shia rights activist 16 July 2017
Bahraini activist dies after torture at regime prison 08 July 2017

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